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Cesc Fàbregas in La Masia

Cesc Fàbregas in La Masia

—Mathieu Flamini on Mesut Özil (x)

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—Arsene Wenger on Mesut Özil (x)
—José Mourinho

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"Invisible" Mesut Özil?

Incredibly good assessment of Özil’s style of play, which a lot of people simply misunderstand and consequently judge as “too quiet” or “invisible”:

It is Özil that makes the side play, and his appreciation of space is incredible. He has a phenomenal ability to drift between the lines and find himself free. So often you could pause the game and draw a triangle or a square around the three or four players closest to him; Özil would be precisely in the center. It’s a difficult thing to quantify, difficult to outline why being five yards from the midfield and five yards from the defense is significantly better to being, say, seven yards from the midfield and three yards from the defence, but at this level, margins like that matter. […]

Few other players in football give the impression of always thinking. Özil is always glancing around him, always looking over his shoulder to see where the space is. He’s so concerned with making sure defenders don’t track him that he occasionally does something Thierry Henry used to do in his Arsenal days, drifting out wide to the touchline and standing still, as if disinterested from the game, before bursting into life.

Michael Cox, espn.com (x)

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